Friday, February 22, 2013

Beware This Campbellsville Photographer is a Ripoff

Ashley Bell Studios (Campbellsville, KY)  is not really a studio. They are a free lance photographer with equipment that pretty much takes photos on the road.  My experience has been horrible.

I paid for services ahead of time and the photographer cancelled the shoot due to the flu and supposedly the hotel room for the shoot was flooded. Yes...flooded. And in the entire hotel not one room was "suitable" according to the photographer.  After days of not hearing back about a reschedule I filed a claim with paypal.

After filing a dispute the photographer said she had a no refunds policy that is not located anywhere on any of her many websites. Then told me the paypal account she gave me for payment wasn't really her account, but was her husbands account so she could not refund the money to me.

After that she just flat out refused to refund me my money so I was forced to file a credit card chargeback.

In the meantime Ashley bell lied to Paypal stating that I had agreed to a reschedule date when in fact she admitted she couldn't even get a room rented at the hotel!  A quick look on her many facebook profiles one will see a trend. She sets dates for shoots, then cancels due to sickness or other things.

After looking around the internet I found one lady who left a bad review and Ashley Bell cussed her out online and then blocked her. I have witnessed her cussing out other customers on her facebook page a couple times myself.

After looking at a website called I found these comments about Ashley Bell Studios in Campbellsville, KY,

"Ashley Bell seems to have great work, but very pricey. I understand pictures could take time/money to edit but those prices are outrageous for what you get in a package.I would prefer someone who is realistic with prices."

"Ashley Bell is ok! nothing to write home about! her attitude makes her pictures look ugly! shes a very mean girl! very hateful!"

"Ashley bell is ridiculous I agree with the others, adobe photoshop is simple to use after watching the tutorials. just as good as her photos!! And less than half the price"

Here is one that sounds EXACTLY like my own personal experience with Ashley Bell Studios.

"I paid for a photo session with Ashley-Bell for this year, 2012. Paid her in cash for it and a brag book. I have yet to receive either one. She's either too busy or has other unforeseen circumstances to come up when I was scheduled for my photo session and to receive my cd/disc and brag book. A few times I have had things to also come up, let her know, and keep in touch with her. Right now she won't answer and respond to my messages and calls, but yet other customers after my session are having their photos posted on Facebook and receiving their cd's/disc's and etc."

"Wishing I had found this before I made an appt with, paid cash for my photosession, and brag book to Ashley-Bell Studio's. 

I put a comment on her Facebook wall about not receiving my cd/disc and brag book. She sent me a message back saying she's repeatedley called me, messaged me, and texted me back. The last message I got from her on my tracfone was 9/22/2012. And, also, not to leave nasty comments on her Facebook page. Now she has me blocked on Facebook, and has had her number changed to where I cann't called her or text her.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to anyone else who has used her or is using her as a photographer!"

"Ashley Bell Studio has never got anything good to say about anyone shows how good of a person she is im so sick of seeing her post on facebook trashing everyone... And for one I got to say is Natasha is way better then you Ashley Bell Studio I dont like your work at all your probably my least favorite maybe if you would be nice for once people would like you... Natasha is a very sweet girl and her studio is very cute maybe its in a alley but you gotta start from some were. Where Ashley Bell studio wants to rent cheap why dont you all say something about her she is in my words trying to copie Natasha since she got a place now Ashley wants one... Get a life Ashley Bell Studio and be nice.."

Ashley Bell Studios ripped this lady off for hats for babies. 

"Let me tell you what Ashley Bell did to me. I'm an Etsy seller. I make custom baby hats and knitwear.( ) Ashley contacted me to do a trade of my hats for her photography of my hats on newborns, I agreed to the trade. I sent her 3 of my high end baby hats worth $30-35 each back in April, 2011. She has had my hats for over 4 months and produced no photos. I kept getting excuses. First she gets sick, then the babies get sick, then someone cancels. I finally reached the point that I asked for my hats back (two weeks ago)- and now nothing. I've not received the hats, she won't answer my emails. She blocked me on facebook so I have no way to contact her any more. So add "thief" to list of her characteristics. Anyone that wants to contact me for more info, please feel free.(knitzyblonde at yahoo dot com)~ Sandie Russo
Well then take it to court not topix!!! You must not be much of a business yourself if you have to get on here to advertise and bash at the same time!

"well I went to ashley bell photography and all I can say is dont go to her... she is very rude and not friendly at all! I felt very uncomfortable and my session and I did not like my pics! she is the worst investment ever!
Rip Off"

It's obvious these stories all have about the same attributes. She's rude, inconsiderate, takes peoples money and doesn't return phone calls or e mails. Ashley Bell Studios is trying to get these removed from the internet, she does not like bad feedback. I have reported her to the BBB and if my money is not returned through my credit card company I WILL sue her.

Her websites can be found by googling Ashley Bell Studios Campbellsville, KY. She has three different sites that I found so far and two to three facebook pages. Why would a reputable business have THAT many business pages?